The Pet Maven

The Pet Maven is a veterinary professional owned pet care company located in NW Calgary. We offer medical pet care, nail trims, visits, and in-home overnight care.

With our company we are also able to offer things such as medication administration, fluid administration, dematting, injections, and post surgical care. Things that can be stressful for an owner to be able to perform on their own pets.

We strive to give the best care possible to each animal in our care.

We are Fear-Free certified, fully insured & bonded, giving you peace of mind.

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Our Services

Pet Sitting


A great choice for multi-pet households, senior pets, those with behavioural issues, or those requiring extra medical care. We will stay in the home with the pet overnight and visit once during the day for play, a potty break and fresh water.

Pet Visits

These visits are good for those pets who don’t require as much care. Pet visits are also great for shorter vacations or weekend getaways. We have experience with a variety of pets including birds, fish, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits, pocket pets, as well as dogs and cats.

Visits include play and cuddle time, bathroom breaks, feeding and fresh water. We can also collect your mail and water your plants if you need it!

Extras can be added to any pet care service. Items include things such as, medication administration, SQ fluid administration, insulin injections, dematting and nail trims.

Pet Taxi for when you need to get your pet somewhere (vet, daycare, groomers etc.) and you are unable to take them.